Hey there!

I'm Chloe Brooks.

I live in rural New Jersey with my fiancé Josh and two cats, Pollyanna and Kitten. I fell in love with social media my first week of journalism school in 2011, when our first assignment was to join Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’ve done social media marketing in some shape or form ever since, and eventually founded my own marketing business in 2017. 


Home is my favorite place to be, and when I’m not scrolling through Instagram, I’m usually reading a book or talking to my plants. Read more ...  

Currently . . . 

Listening to: Lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to


Binge-watching: Letterkenny 🧑‍🌾


Craving: The gooiest mac and cheese 🧀


Reading: My horoscope ♏️ or a book on brain science


Drinking: Black coffee before 3 p.m.; red wine after 5.